Sunday, 27 September 2015

Inspired Interior Design

One of the many careers that I think I am supposed to have is as an interior designer! (I say one of the many because I struggle to stick to with one thing for long periods of time, for example some days I want to be Beyonce and other days I want to be Project manager.) I digress!

Anyway back to interior design, ever since I was a little one I’ve always loved beautiful homes and always dreamt about the type of home I would have as an adult and raise my imaginary family in. I even remember telling my aunt once when she moved house not to have any nets or blinds in her bay windows as ‘rich people with style’ simply don’t do nets or blinds! To my surprise she actually listened to me and yes her bay windows looked amazing, however my belief on the nets and blinds situation has changed slightly over the years.

Before moving to Lisbon I became slightly obsessed with interior design, Pinterest became my best friend and pinning images of beautiful home became my top hobby!

Since moving, I think that my obsession has excelled to a whole new level!
I have always loved the old architecture in this city and I love strolling around and admiring the buildings and tile work here, especially the buildings that look like they need a good face lift, as I have all kinds of fantasies about what I would do with them! (I told you my obsession was at a whole new level.)


Recently I’ve noticed that my interest in beautiful interior and exterior design isn’t just about the fact that beautiful materialist things make me feel all happy inside, I’ve realised that it’s really about creating a space that represents me and makes me feel comfortable and relaxed after a hard day out in the wild west.

Most of us live in a world where we work stuck behind a desk for hours with crazy deadlines, so it’s important that at the end of long, hard day that you are able to go home to place that helps you to unwind, where you can leave all the stress from the office and the outside world at the door. This is why when decorating your home there are so many things to consider, like what colours you want to use.

Then there are the choices of d├ęcor, Modern or country; retro or classic or my favourite... YOU. 

Have you ever been to someone’s home for the first time and said to them “your home is very... you”? Well I have and I’ve noticed that people often see it as an insult than a compliment.  But I assure you it’s a compliment, because the way I see it is that your home should always represent you! It’s where you live its where you share some of the most meaningful and intimate moments of your life, its where you’re supposed to feel safe and also where you can just let it all hang out, literally! I know I do. Seriously, my neighbours across the way regularly get a free lingerie show!

Feeling breezy is essential to life, the less time you take to de-stress or just take a breather can really affect your creativity and productivity. Have you ever noticed that you get your best kickass ideas when your vibe is set on chill? Relaxation is also a way of just having some quality you time and giving yourself a break to allow yourself to breathe and also reward yourself for working so hard. Making your home your into a haven is one way to start.

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It doesn’t have to cost much as places like IKEA are great for designing you home on a budget. But as much as we LOVE Ikea there are also so many other ways to create the home of your dreams on a smaller budget, like going to flea markets and second hands shops. The things you find there are brilliant and you’ll have less chance of seeing the same things in other people’s homes. Also use websites like Freecycle, GumTree, Ebay and Debop and if you like to travel use this as an opportunity to take home so beautiful pieces of local produce and culture and make them part of your home.
However you decide to decorate and design your home just remember to fill it with colours and things that make you happy and that help you to feel relaxed. But above all, make sure that you have a home that you feel proud of that represents who you are!

Love Sara. xxxx

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