Sunday, 23 August 2015

Do More of What Makes You Happy

From the age of around 14 to 21 I had that hobby that without realising became my life, called dance.

Growing up in the 90’s and 00’s where R&B lived before it died, I spent a lot of time tuned into The Box music channel and MTV BASE trying to learn the routines to any Aaliyah or Ginuwine, Missy Elliot, Mya music videos. (For all of you noughties kids, sorry but you missed out!)
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Anywho through a friend I came across a local street dance group which I joined and before I knew it that was all I cared about. I was part of this dance group for around 6 years which have honestly been some of the best years of my life! Not only had I found a passion that I loved but this was where I also met some of my best friends who over the years have become family.

Overtime naturally things changed and the passion and dreams that I had of becoming a professional dancer (Beyonces backing dancer to be specific) seemed to start to disappear, which resulted in my dancing hobby that I had once loved so much coming to an end until now.

When I first arrived in Portugal I had so much time on my hands I became really overwhelmed with the thought of what I would do with it! So one day after a skype chat with my bestie she suggested I find a good dance school. Coincidently a couple weeks before I’d met a really friendly girl who’d told me about a dance school called Jazzy, so I decided to check it out.

Now I’ve been to a few dance studios over the years but this one has to be my favourite by far! Not only are their facilities top notch, the vibe is really nice. Some studios attract dancers with a competitive edge and serious egos which are really off putting when you’re just there to dance and enjoy, however I am yet to experience any of that at Jazzy!

They have an amazing and diverse selection of classes and the teachers are brilliant and super friendly which is a plus when you rock up to a class solo with limited language skills.

After my first class I was hooked! I’m not going to lie, I was a bit rusty as let’s be real, it’s been a while since I’ve had to learn a routine. But I’m pretty impressed with how fast I managed to get back into it all.

In the space of a month I’ve gone from having a 1 day a week membership to having a 2 day a week membership and if I’m honest my dancing feet are two stepping towards and unlimited pass! I had no idea how much I missed this part of my life until after that first class. Since joining Jazzy I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I no longer stand at the back of the class out of sight in case I get the steps wrong! I have tried different styles of dance like Afro Tribal, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pop dance, Kuduro and my favourite Dancehall with Souljah Fighters WWHHOOOYYYY!     

2 out of 3 Souljah Fighters
(Yes those are sweat patches you can see! I work hard in those classes!)

For me, dancing is a form of therapy as well as a way to explore and express other parts of my feelings and personality. I’ve had days when I’ve entered the dance studio feeling defeated by the world and its bullshit but yet I always leave the feeling notorious and ready to face whatever is thrown in my path.

As we get older and gain more and more responsibilities we tend to have less time for some the things that once made us happy. Most of us are of an age now where our priorities in life have changed and yes sometimes that means sacrificing hobbies for other things that make us happy like, love, children, family or career goals, but as important as all of those things are, making sure you make time for that special hobby that understands you like no other hobby or living person can is equally as important.

We share so many other aspects of our lives with others, sometimes it’s important to be a little selfish and have something that is just ours, where we can switch off and have a different kind of focus.
Having a hobby no matter how big or small is great way to be able to recharge your energy for the other areas of your life that demand more of you.

Reconnect with old hobbies or even find new ones that will give you some time out from your day to day reality. It could be anything from going for a run, starting a new class or even teaching new class. Whatever your hobby of choice may be, make time and go for it! You never know, it may even inspire you beyond your wildest dreams.

Before you go check out this amazing tribute video to the Missy Elliot who owned the late 90’s and 00’s era with her creative sound and choreography and inspired countless dance crews across the world to turn their dance hobby into something so much more! (And also helped Adidas make a killing!)

Enjoy :) 

Love Sara


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