Monday, 5 October 2015

Monday Motivation

The mind is a powerful thing.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have started with one negative thought and before you knew it, you had become overwhelmed with emotions and not necessarily the good kind?

Like I said the mind id a powerful thing and if you give too much power to your thoughts especially the negative ones you can easily end up in a places that feel emotionally and mentally draining. But on the flip side of that, if you start to think more positively you will find that you will experience emotions that feel much more energising and happy which will inspire you to hold on to those feelings for as long as you can.

Staying in a positive frame of mind all day everyday is, well, at least for me... impossible. Simply because shit happens in life and you have to go through the (e)-motions to get to the other side.

But as silly of as difficult as it may sound to ‘train your mind to see the good in everything’, it’s actually one of the best things that you can do. Trust me on this one!

By doing this, eventually you’ll realise that the things that were once big issues causing you stress, anger and heartache are actually not worth the hassle.

It will help you to put things in to perspective about who and what is important and who and what’s not. Without realising it, training your mind to ‘think happy thoughts’ (yep, just like peter pan) will open your mind and your world to things you never imagined. (Ok so you won’t be able to fly your way back to Never Never Land, but I assure you there are plenty other things you’ll experience with your feet planted firmly on the ground.)

Happy Monday Lovebugs! Have a great week and remember to think happy thoughts!

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Love Sara. xx


  1. Very true indeed Sara!
    What really works for me is being the best conversation partner/loving friend as I can, to myself. Often I forget about it, but I try to be more aware of when I'm being too hard on myself. Then I speak gently and uplifting to myself (in my thoughts obviously, at least in public haha), even with some humor, just like you would to a really dear friend. It works!

    1. Thanks Maya! I am still learning to treat myself as a dear friend but I agree it really does work!

      Thanks for Sharing. xxx