Saturday, 26 October 2013

JP Cooper Tour!

Well hello there Lovebugs!

If you remember earlier this year I posted a blog or two about the magnificent Mr JP Cooper? If not click here or simply watch this…

JP Cooper is a Manchester based singer/songwriter/ musician with the voice of a soulful angel. If you have never seen the man in action then here is your chance. This December Soul Features alongside Vocals & Verses and Grey Cotton will be hosting the Birmingham and London leg of JP (the magnificent) Cooper’s tour.
If you don’t live in Birmingham or London then not to worry because the amazing artist that is Mr Cooper also has tour dates in Nottingham, Manchester, Totnes and Bath!
For dates , tickets and to find out more click here or visit Mr Coopers Facebook.

Birmingham crew, I’ll see you on December 6th at the HMV Institute.  

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