Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday Motivation

Good morning Love bugs!

I have some good news… Monday Motivation is making a comeback!!
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The past few months I have been having the time of my life living my life, but as the cold days and nights draw in I have started to lose my happy mojo and this is a no bueno for me! Never before have I felt so affected by the weather, but I think that perhaps after such a great summer here in the UK which is rare as the Caribbean having a bad one that this feeling I’ve been experiencing is completely normal, except the fact I doesn’t feel normal or natural to me.

So  for the past few weeks I have been working my ass off to be happy, this can be really hard to do when your mojo goes walkabout, but if you are persistent and determined and do and surround yourself with the things you love eventually your mojo will find its way back.

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Have a great week lovers and friends and be happy.

Love Sara. xxxx

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