Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday Love Bugs!

Although I live for the weekend, I can’t deny that there simply aren’t enough hours in the weekend to get everything done.
This weekend I had a lot less playtime as I was playing catch up on housework and had two meetings for up and coming projects, when I have weekends like this my belief  that weekends should be three days rather than two grows stronger and stronger.
Although I could’ve done with say an extra 48 hours this weekend to make some real balanced accomplishments of work and play, I won’t complain too much as I managed to get the ball rolling with some really exciting projects that will only benefit me in future moments to come. 

Working all week and then coming home to blog, research and attend meetings can be so draining, but when you recognise a dream, a talent or a positive release that is so far removed from your 9-5 that frankly depresses you, putting in the hard work and extra hours is worth it because there is nothing like living your dream.

Pursing your dream takes hard work and commitment which is something that I am learning more and more about by the day, but who wants to look back at their life and have a sea of regrets?
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Live your life doing what makes you happy and have a great week.
Love Sara (A little lady ready to live out her dreams). xxx

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