Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday suga-plums!!
I hope you guys had a fun Halloween weekend and didn’t get into too much trouble.
Dressing up in a costume and having the pleasure of being someone else for the night is a Halloween tradition that over the years has become bigger and bigger specifically here in the UK. I remember when it was just something fun for the Kiddies to participate in whilst ‘Trick or Treating’ from door to door, but nowadays all the adults have jumped on the bandwagon and revel in the excitement of being able to be their favourite superhero or character for the night.
Dressing up in any shape or form is always fun, whether I’m dressing up for a night out, a fancy dress event or even for a man (oh la la) I always have a blast, but at the end of the night I undress and I am just me.
Being able to be someone else or adopt a character is always fun and can give you a confidence to do things that you would not normally do when just being plain old you, but being plain old you is the most magnificent character of all because it’s unique and no one else can do you like you.
Over the past few years I have noticed that more and more people walk around and live as a character that does not belong to them simply because they are afraid of who they are and what others might think of them.
Please know, remember and understand that you were not put on this earth to be anybody else other than yourself and if people cannot accept who you truly are, then understand that you do not need them in your life.
Dress up, have fun but know that at some point the costumes, masks and the characters have to go. Accept yourself and others who are worthy will follow.
Be you, Do you and Love you! Have a splendid week folks.
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Love Sara

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