Sunday, 30 September 2012

Waiting for Teedra

Saturday night was a night that will go down in the history of events on my life’s’ timeline.

After 8 years of waiting for TeedraMoses to grace a stage in Birmingham City, England (as all of her previous shows were in London which most of us never knew about until afterwards), Birmingham finally got the chance to have a night of our own with the beautiful and ridiculously talented Teedra Moses herself.
When the tickets were released earlier this year and I caught wind of the show whilst still living overseas, I made damn sure that the time zone difference did not stop me from getting up at the crack of dawn to buy my ticket, there was no way after all those years of waiting I was going to miss this.
To sum the night up with Miss Moses as amazing would be an understatement. It is very rare these days that you go to watch someone perform live and you are left standing there with your jaw on the floor in sheer awe of such pure and ‘real’ talent, because let’s face it, anybody can be an artist these days talented or not. But Teedra Moses brings talent to a whole other level. It is not often that you go to a concert and the artist sounds exactly no wait, even better than they do on their CD.
As a woman of soul with a whole lot of soul, Moses did not over sing her songs unlike some R&B divas, which in my opinion allowed every single person in the o2 Academy to sing along with her,  and boy did we sing. We all sang our hearts out with passion, love and admiration for and with Ms Moses. We sang each song as though we felt every single lyric because it felt so personal to us all.
The way that Teedra interacted with the audience for the whole night was just pure magic. The type of vibe that she had going on is a vibe hard to find these days, but Miss Moses managed to create that vibe with her charismatic and sassy character, and with songs that are going 8 years strong or even older, that felt as new as the must have shoes of the season still sitting in the shop window.
There are not many people that can release an album and almost a decade later still be touring internationally off the success of that album. ‘ComplexSimplicity’ was not only the best R&B Album of 2004, it was debatably the best R&B album of the decade, and still gives some of the R&B albums released today, by new and old talent a run for their money.  
Teedra did a good mix of new and old stuff and opened the show by singing the UK’s very own Soul II Soul ‘Back toLife’, and at the end of the show she signed her CD’s and took pictures with fans, and unlike some other celebrities who allow their names to be used for after parties, Miss Moses actually attended and hosted hers.
I think it’s fair to say that our night with Teedra Moses was everything and more that what we anticipated; it was well worth the years of waiting and worth every last penny.

Love Sara (A Teedra Moses fan from day dot.) .xxxx

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