Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday Motivation

Hola amigos
I hope you’ve all had a good week and if not don’t worry about it, because what’s done is done and there is no point on dwelling on the past when you can be looking forward to the future.
So as we all know we need a little if not at times a lot of motivation on Monday mornings I have decided upon the theme of smiling.
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I have been known to walk around with a “screw face” which on more than one occasion has resulted in strangers walking by stop and say… “Smile!”
I do not mean to walk around looking unapproachable it is completely unintentional but I’ve noticed that this tends to happens when I am deep in thought, which are  clearly not happy or light thoughts.
Realising how off putting and unattractive it is to walk around looking like you have a personal vendetta against the world, I’ve made it a priority to smile more often as I have discovered that it’s amazing what can happen if you do.
Going back a few years I remember being in the bank running errands. As I was leaving a little old lady was entering and I smiled at her. Only seconds later she hurried to catch up with me and said “excuse me, but do I know you?” I replied “no”. “Oh I just thought I did because you smiled at me” she said, to which I responded “sometimes it’s just nice to smile, not enough people do these days.” She replied “I agree” and we both said goodbye’s wished each other well and went about our day.
As nice as it was that she spoke to me I couldn’t help but find sadness in that fact that she thought based on a smile that she had to have known me.
There is no harm in walking around with a smile or a happy glow. And there is no harm in smiling at those that you know as well as those that you don’t know because you never know what I smile can mean to someone or to you.
Have a fab week lovers and remember to smile!

Love Sara (A little lady with dreams of spreading worldwide smiles). xxx

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