Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Motivation

Every year on the first of January there is a mad craze for diets and workouts as every D list celebrity releases some work out DVD which they never seem to break a flipin’ sweat in might I add, which a bunch of women all rush out to buy in pursuit of getting the beach body of their dreams for their pre- booked holiday.

Well I will put my hand up, I too am guilty of this (not the celebrity DVD’s) but the rush for the perfect body. But why do we always strive to have a better version of our body for a holiday, a wedding, a party or simply to look good for other people.
Someone once said to me that “your body is your best friend” and they were right, you wouldn’t mis-treat your best friend so why mis-treat your body?

We should not need a specific reason to get fit or to eat right; it is something that we should just do.
There are some many of us that are stuck behind desks and in front of computers all week, just think about what this is doing to our bodies?

Exercise and eating right can do wonders for your mind and your body and give you an energy and confidence that you never knew existing.

So this week I would like to spread some motivation for health and fitness. Don’t wait for a big occasion to show your body some love, just love your body and believe me it will love you back.

As daunting as going to the gym or going for a run can be, and believe me I know how daunting it can be because I have been struggling to get my backside into gear and get to the gym for the past three weeks, sometimes you just have find some discipline and do it, because if you want to see the results there is no other way to get them than putting in the work consistently to make it happen.
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