Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Life A Year & A Day Later

Last year on the 7th May to be exact, I published a blog post titled Crisis of The Mid 20’s’, it was pretty title explanatory. At that point in my little life I was experiencing serious anxiety over something that now seems so trivial, but at the time it was like my entire world was falling to pieces.

After I sat myself down and gave myself a serious talking to, I managed to pull myself together and look on the bright side of life. Part of that was due to the image that I used to accompany the post which was basically an encouraging note about life.
A whole year and a day later on May 8th 2012 to be exact I was sat alone in a lovely little restaurant in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico eating a salad, when something told me to look to my left. When I did this is what I saw…

Life certainly does have a great sense of humour. A year ago when I posted that blog, I had no Idea that I would have travelled to Puerto Rico or to other places in the Caribbean alone but here I am. I had no idea that I would feel happy again, but I do and I had no idea that I still wouldn’t have a bloody clue about what to do with my life, but I don’t and I honestly don’t care.
Although it’s a different note, it still has the same meaning. For me it is like a continuation of the first note that has made me think back to last year and how far I have come since then.
Sometimes in life you just have to let go and enjoy the ride, I did just that and even when there are bad days, I still love it all!

Love Sara (A little lady who is constantly amazed by the humours of life). xx

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