Monday, 28 May 2012

Objectified and Pissed

The other day at work one of the girls said “OMG, have you heard the name of R Kelly’s new song?” which allegedly is titled something to the effect of ‘Girl I Just wanna get you pregnant’ (major kiss my backside teeth moment!) Whether this is or is true or false… what the fuck is up with old dudes these days.

I may sound a little touchy but that’s just because for the last 13 weeks I’ve had men who are old enough to be my father undress me with their eyes, lick their lips, pucker up at me, ask me if we look good together, if they can have a hug, who’ll be sleeping in my bed tonight, if I’m a virgin and whether I like it hard or soft! I CANNOT take this sleazy disturbing bullshit anymore!

The fact that they are old enough to be my father is just too much to handle, one of these sleazy fuckers actually thinks I’m 21 not 25 (not like that would be enough to make a significant difference) but didn’t let that stop him!
To them it’s all one big joke and could never be in anyway disrespectful to the female that they are objectifying. Not only is it disrespectful and enough to make you want to punch a fucker square in the face, it’s also very embarrassing. Not in the sense that they have embarrassed me but in the sense that I feel embarrassed for them.
The fact that they somehow think that it is ok or even normal to speak to not only girls that are young enough to be their daughters in such a distasteful and disrespectful manner, but also simply the fact that they think that it’s acceptable to speak to any female of any age in that manner is truly embarrassing and simply pathetic.
If these so called grown ass men with grey hair were the same age as me, yeah I’d be pissed but at the same time based on the fact that they are boys not yet men in their 40’s and 50’s, it would kind of be expected of them as they are still in the stage of their life where they are acquiring game. But when you are a big ass man with a wife and grown ass kids at home you have no excuse. You should know better.
God help the young lady or any lady that falls for this crap.
Act your age not your fucking shoe size!
Rant over.
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