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Why Every Gal Needs a Samantha Jones For a friend.

If you are a lover of Sex and the City then I’m sure that in whatever friendship group you’re in you’ve had the debates of who’s the Carrie Bradshaw, the Charlotte York, the Miranda Hobbs or the Samantha Jones of the group? While everyone scrambles for Carrie because she has the best wardrobe and shoe selection TV has probably ever seen, others may identify or settle for the other two tame members of the group Charlotte and Miranda, this ultimately means to be the true life Sex and the City gang there will be one person left that must take the title of the wild child of the group Miss Samantha Jones! This usually results in the death of the who’s who conversation as no one ever wants to be the Miss Jones of the group!
Most women were raised to conduct themselves in a certain way, and were taught by their mothers that they must act like a lady and keep their legs firmly closed for a set period of time before allowing a guy to play in their garden of their enchanted flower. Samantha Jones on the other hand is that girl that as a teenager your mother forbid you from hanging around with because Miss Jones couldn’t care less if she made a guy wait a minute or an hour to play in her garden!

Now I can see why most of us gals choose not to be branded the Samantha of the group because let’s face it she’s a straight up hussy, but what everyone seems to forget is that she is also an amazing friend if not the greatest and funniest friend of the group.

Samantha always tells it like it is –

Samantha Jones: Jesus honey! Wax much?
Miranda Hobbes: What? My marriage is going through a rough spot. I don’t have time to wax!
Samantha Jones: I could be on death row and not have that *situation*!
She cares about the sex lives of her friends and not just her thriving own -

Charlotte: We've been trying to you know...
Samantha: F**k?
Charlotte: Whatever! And it's just not....
Samantha: Getting big and hard?
Carrie: What is this dirty mad libs?
Charlotte: I love him, but it's so frustrating.
Miranda: Of course it is.
Charlotte: I mean, last night I got so turned on I almost....
Samantha: Hey, you almost masturbated, he almost got it up, together you almost had sex.

She has the best sex stories that would provide your week with entertainment –

Nurse: Do you have sex?
Samantha: Yes
Nurse: Do you have anal sex,
Samantha: Yes.
Nurse: Do you have oral sex,
give, receive?
Samantha: Yes, yes.
Nurse: Do you swallow?
Samantha: Only when surprised.
Nurse: Do you use condoms?
Samantha: Yes.
Nurse: What kind of condoms?
Samantha: Trojan, Lifestyle, Chic, Wet n Wild...
Nurse: No, I meant, latex, lamp-skin?
Samantha: Oh, yes, yes.
Nurse: How many sexual partners have you had?
(silence from Samantha, nurse looks at her)
Samantha: I'm counting. (thinks) This year?

And most importantly, she never apologises for who she is, she knows she likes Cock-A-Doodle-Do a lot more than the average gal and even for a few episodes she even liked V-jay-jay. But she doesn’t care what this makes her look like to the people that don’t matter, and the people that do matter don’t care, and that’s the way it should be.

Although most girls wouldn’t want to be associated with a gal like Samantha Jones, I for one would love to have miss Jones as my friend, she is true and loyal to the person she is which is an amazing quality and foundation for a true friendship!

There are so many closet Samantha’s out there that I wish would just come out to play as they person they truly are. Not everyone has to like what you do, or even do what you do but as long as you do… what’s the problem? Have confidence in the person that you are and the things that you do. No one is perfect not even Charlotte York-Goldenblatt! How else do you expect people to completely respect you for who you are if you don’t even respect you enough to not hide behind an alter-ego (which by the way eventually everyone sees right through).

But at least a gal like Sammy Jones doesn’t give a f*#! and does it anyway, she’s fun and fearless! She wears her coochie on her sleeve and shoots for the stars! She’ll tell you the raw truth even when it’s not what you want to hear because that’s what a real friend does.

You all may disagree but I think that all of us can learn a lesson from this unforgettable character.

Carrie: Damn! Why is that girl still bothering me?
Samantha: Honey, you have to let it go. If I worried what every bitch in New York was saying about me, I'd never leave the house.

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Love Sara (A little lady with fancy dreams). xxx

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