Friday, 10 February 2012

25 and Counting

Yesterday I turned 25 years young, and here are 25 amazing things that I have done, love, loved and learned.

1. Fallen in love and had my heart broken
2. Skinny dipped in the sea at night
3. Travelled to 14 different countries
4. Danced under the Full moon on a beach at night
5. Stayed in the Amazon and had a tarantula in my right welly!
6. Been on an Africa Safari
7. Kept a promise from the age of 13 with my best friend that we fulfilled at the age of 22
8. Partied 7 nights straight at carnival in Brazil
9. Made some amazing friends
10. Met Amy Winehouse (and acted like one of those speechless idiotic fans! I loved my pre-Drug Amy)
11. Partied at the last UK Reggae sunsplash ‘98 with family and friends
12. Made friends with bitches
13. Fell out with bitches
14. Made a few fashion mistakes
15. Made a few general mistakes
16. Love and enjoy event moment I spend with my God Daughter wiggle bottom (Kids are amazing)
17. Camped out all afternoon in the Lisbon sun for a front row evening with Lauren Hill (and front row was where I stayed! I did not pee for hours)
18. Cried like baby in the airport when saying goodbye to my dad and sister before I went travelling with my best friend
19. Stayed with my nan and held her hand when she took her last breath
20. Learned to have faith and to believe that everything happens for a reason
21. Learned that sometimes good people do bad and hurtful things
22. Got dressed up, nervous and the giggles of a school girl with my best friend when we attempted to go    and watch a live sex show which was an epic sleazy fail.
23. Ate street meat that my mother sternly told me not to! (And I’m still alive and kicking baby!)
24. Loved every second of my childhood, even the parts when I cried or got grounded.
25. And still Love my dad with all my heart

So for those that get all depressed at the thought of their next birthday because it means you’re another year older than you were the day before, just think of all amazing experiences that you’ve had so far in your life, and if you simply can’t think of any remember this, life is short and waits for no man or woman so get a wiggle on and start living!

Love Sara (A happy 25 year old) xxxx

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