Sunday, 10 July 2011

Playing Dress Up Never gets Old

As you may have noticed my blogs have taken a little detour down Fashion Avenue recently. This is because after 9 months my soul simply cannot take strictly office attire for five days a week! I never thought that these word would leave my mouth but I actually miss working in Retail! Wow... there it is, those words that I vowed never to say. But to hell with it, the truth is what it is.

Although working set times every day is great because you know exactly what time it is when the clock strikes 5 every day, or the fact that you don't have to deal with some arsey customer with ridiculous expectations, or with that floor manager that takes their job WAY too seriously, or being greeted by the occasional little pleasant little surprise in the fitting room i.e shit, piss or spunk! (yes there some down right nasty mother suckers in this world who do this shit!). Even though working in retail requires thick skin and a lot more physical work than being sat behind a desk 35 hours a week I can't help but miss it.

I've always enjoyed meeting new people and retail was the perfect place for this, I met all kinds of people, I met beautiful people, smelly people, demanding people and friendly people I even met Amy Winehouse back in her good days when she wasn't slurring about the place, and I built up relationships with regular shoppers which always made work pleasant on bad days, even if there were a little crazy.

By not being in this environment I've realised how much it used to inspire me! Everyone had a story and everyone had a style and on top of that I got to admire and touch beautiful clothes all day. I used to be the Joke of the Accessories team or as we liked to call ourselves... The A team! I used to reserve so much clothes, but it always started as one item and each and every time I would explain what jeans, skirt, top, shoes and accessories would go with that one item! I didn't even realise I did this until they told me! What can I say I always saw the vision.

So now not working in this environment I often feel uninspired in so many areas of my life as I'm lacking variety. I go shopping all the time but it's no use as I end up buying killer heels and clothes that are way to casual or special for the office, so they end up sitting in my wardrobe, on my wardrobe doors, on the back of my door and hidden in my Dads room because I have little time to wear them and little space to keep them.

But today I have been going out of my mind with boredom as I am sick and house-bound! So I decided to play dress up! and who knew that a 24 year old girl would have so much fun doing so!

It brought back memories of my sister and I when we were little playing dress up in my moms old clothes and shoes that she used to keep in a lovely wicker basket for us both to play with. I remember dressing up all the time in my sisters room and wearing my moms amazing 80's pink and purple leather pointed stilettos, but I think I grew a bit wary of the Purple pair as I remember barley being 4 years old and attempting the stairs in a size 5 pair of stilettos, with my dolly in my arms which of course resulted in me taking a tumble down the stairs which my mom found absolutely hilarious and could barley comfort me through her laughter! I have no shame in saying that I strongly disliked her for a while after that because I remember thinking "if my Daddy was here he would never have laughed at me!".

But let's get back to today. As I said dressing up was so much fun and really got my creative juices flowing, you see I have a Hen party to go to next week with a killer theme (which I'm not sure if I can reveal at this stage.. But don't worry I will report back, maybe not everything but I shall be reporting something!) Anywho it's funny how the things that you do as kids are still so much fun when you grow up but can also work out to to become a career, hobby or the odd project here and there.

After my stylish afternoon I no longer feel bad about all the clothes that I have and all the space that they take up, I could dress a whole female sports team with the clothes that I own and I take great pleasure in knowing that they would look damn good too.

I still miss retail but not as much as I did before playing dress up! although it was a fun and inspiring environment to work in, it isn't one that I necessarily need to go back into to feel inspired .

If you're anything like me and sometimes feel uninspired, I suggest you try doing something that you enjoyed doing as a kid, no matter how silly it may be, you'll never know what you get from it, after all kids do have the best imaginations, so get in touch with you inner child and get inspired maties!

Image: Sourced from Goolge

Love Sara (A Little lady who STILL loves playing dress up!) xxxx

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