Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happy Father's Day Dadio!

For the past couple of weeks we have constantly been reminded that Father's Day is upon us by the constant gift reminders of cheesy Father's Day compilation CD's or fragrances that all Dads should wear. But here is a priceless gift for all deserving fathers around the world... Love, Respect and Appreciation.

I feel that in today's world, society are too quick to focus on the absent fathers of the lost and found youth, to focus mother's who raise their children single handedly with out a daddy in the home. But what about the Father's that raise their kids without a mommy in the home?
Believe it or not there are men out there who do this and do it well!

In this world we tend to believe that because a woman has all the right parts to carry her babies for nine months at a time and bring them into the world that this automatically makes her a fantastic mother that cannot and will not fail, but the reality of it she can and sometimes she does. As sad as it is... it happens the same as it does with males.

At the age of eight my parents separated, but instead of taking the whole court room route they decided to sit both my sister and I down and ask us who we wanted to live with and without a split second of hesitation we both said "Dad!!" Now a lot older and wiser I now have a greater understanding of how heart breaking this must have been for my mom to experience her only two children choose to live with their daddy and not the person who brought them in to this world. Only now sixteen years later I can understand that magnitude of my decision, but I can proudly and confidently say that I have no regrets.

You see I always have been and I always will be a 'Daddies Girl'. It's because of the the love, support, respect and encouragement of my papa that I have become the young woman that I am today and have learnt to never settle for less than what I deserve in life or love!

Sure it was hard growing up without a woman in the house 24/7 but my dad did the best he could do and played both mom and dad all day everyday, always making sure that we never went without, even when that meant him going without.

I think it's safe to say that Dad you've done alright! I might have a bit of a potty mouth but other than that me and our kid ain't half bad!

So here's to you Dadio and all you other super Dad's out there who truly would give your whole world to make sure that your kiddie winks feel your love!

Happy Father's Day Dadio!xx

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