Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day Dreaming All Summer Long

As our British summer is more than likely already over after those one and a half glorious bank holidays that weekends we had back at the end of April, I've had no choice but to allow my mind to drift to destinations all over the world where I would love to spend my 2011 summer.

There is nothing in this world that I love to do more than travel and admire great style! Seriously, this year is extremely depressing for me as the only holiday I have booked so far is to Lisbon to re-kindle a past love affair that we once had. Not that I'm not looking forward to it or anything but I was there twice last year and although I know I'll have a blast, I can't but help wanting to experience some place new.

The summer months of July and August will be the hardest months of the 2011 for me as I will have to watch two of my best friends jet off to sunny Jamaica, NYC and the Bahamas, and watch my Dad and most of my family jet off to Thailand where they will shop till the fucking drop, eat to die for food and visit breath taking beaches. Although I've been to Thailand twice already a third time round would’ve been just as good. But this year I've decided that I should be a responsible adult. You see, I'm currently on a temporary work contract that's due to end around the same time that I would've been jetting off to Thailand on mi familia vacation, and if I had decided to go I know for a huge fact I would've spent all my survival savings on an great holiday and an overweight case full of denim and leathergoods and would've most likely retuned to the UK jobless. Although to me that sounds like a little piece of heaven (the suitcase part) I have to be realistic. Yes life is for living and great experiences that you can one day share with your grandkids, but at some point in your life you have to focus on your path and how to get there.

On more than one occasion I have saved up lump-sums of money travelled for a couple months and come back to no financial resources. To some people I sound like a complete brat! And to some extent maybe I am because each time I come home I have a loving family that always support me and make sure that I have a roof over my head and dinner on the table, but I try to be a responsible brat and it is for that exact reason that this so called responsible brat will not be going on the Augustus family vacay this year.
Instead I have decided to sacrifice the opportunity of travel this summer to sort myself out and figure out where in life I really want to be, and a part of that process is saving my ass off like there is no tomorrow so that when the penny drops, my train will be moving full steam ahead.
So as I will not be going on any luxurious holidays this summer, (Sad times or should I say hard times), here are just a few places that I shall be temporarily visiting in my mind!

Grand Canyon
Ever since 1997 when I first watched the film 'Fools Rush In' with the beautiful Salma Hayek and Friends Funny man Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing, I begged my Papa-Bear to take me there as I was beyond fascinated and thought that I had to be one of the most peaceful places on the earth. Now a bit older I can imagine it's one of the touristy places on the earth! But I still plan to go there all the same.

Viva 'Las Vegas'
I believe that everyone has the birth right to get wild once in their life and if that means asking the big 'G' to close his or her eyes for a hot minute while you get down and dirty in Vegas then so be it!!
Growing up I never thought that one day I would want to go to Las Vegas as it always just looked like way too much electricity! But I have to say that before I kick the bucket I sure as hell will be getting down and dirty in Sin City! And what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas! What's the point if you can't share your most un-classy moments with your closet friends and familia!

When I was 15 years old I went to Thailand for the first time. As it would’ve been pure torture to do a direct flight form the UK we changed over at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airport. As I only found out where I was going when we checked in at Manchester Airport I barely knew anything about of what part of the world I was going to and had no clue what to expect, so you can imagine that when we stopped off in Kuala Lumpur Airport and there was a flipping rain forest in the middle of it, that I knew I was on my way to some place special. Since then I have always wondered what lies beyond one of the most fabulous if not the most fabulous airport I have ever been in. so fast forward almost 10 years (Lord I'm getting old) and thanks to Gordon Ramsey Malaysia is right up there on my destination wish list.
The food looks amazing and the people seem as though they have an interesting humour that I could get down with, and on top of that I can have the best of both worlds! I could bring out my inner city side when having fun in Kuala Lumpur (Leaving my Ms. Jones side at home, because like Abu Dhabi Malaysia is not the place for my inner Samantha Jones to come out to play)

And then I can bring out my inner Mermaid when I want to switch it up and chill by the aqua waters of Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil islands.

A while back I had the most crazy dream, you know the one's where you’re in a familiar place that in reality is just not familiar?! Anywho in this wild dream of mine, my best amiga and I were living abroad and basically got kicked out of our apartment by our fat, sweaty naked landlord!...I have weird dreams, please don't judge me. So naturally we went on the hunt of a new place to stay (at this point in my dream I had no idea where we were, but as dreamers do... I just rolled with it). After roaming the streets of this un-familiar city we stumbled upon a little Harry Potter-esq shop and spent the whole night talking to the shop assistant. After a while my friend fell asleep and I ended up kissing this shop assistant who was quite a hottie might I add, when I suddenly thought "he's hot...I wonder where he's from?" and just like that, clear as day this beautiful banner appeared that read .... Monaco!!!


Love Sara (A little lady with a travellers dreams) xxx

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