Saturday, 9 April 2011

Out with The Old ... In with The New

Last night the Girlies and I met up for our long overdue Sex and The City outing, (it's amazing how people hibernate over the Winter months). As it had been a while since we've had a rendezvous there was a lot to catch up on and a lot to gossip about, and as always one of those topics just happened to be.... SEX!!!

"Do you think that you should continue to have sex with your Ex or add to your count?"

I say .... Add to your count!!! In my opinion and experience there is often too much emotion involved with your Ex and you have to take into consideration that there was a reason that you stopped sexing in the first place! Regardless of how good it was!! Someone will always end up with feelings hurt, so I say on to the next one where the feelings are fresh and un-tainted!! I'm not saying that you should keep adding to your count for the sake of some sex, just find a new buddy and sex it out until make or break!

What do you think?

Love Sara (A little lady with fun Dreams).xxx


  1. I guess as a guy im tempted to say... why not have both? lol of course the ideal is to always add to count and never look back but not all breakups are due to breakdown in realtionships .. Alot of my friends seem to have broken up due to circumstance. i.e busy scheudle esp in the city or just other priorities such as personal aspirations. I guess what im saying is in this mordern age i think alot more people are going to "sex the ex" as are reasons from ending relationships are more complex then ever