Monday, 21 February 2011

The Good Girl on the Shelf

Ok ladies and gentlemen I think it’s time that we sat down for a chat. My good friend recently sent me a very interesting article about why women aren’t married, and if we’re looking for some one to blame that should basically take a look in the Mirror!! Him, being the type of male that he is, always ready for a huge debate felt no way to say I agree ‘it’s your fault’!!! On any other day I would not have taken this personally although when he said ‘It’s your fault, I knew nor he or the writer weren't directly talking to me, but being as I am in the process of getting over a break up it’s only natural that this made my blood boil…Just a little.

The article written by a female herself wasn’t a bunch of babble, it actually spoke the truth as to why some if not most women are single or in her words ‘not married’. Her reasons did have meaning, such meaning that I have heard time and time again form various blogs, debates, males and books which were ‘You’re a bitch, You’re shallow, You’re a slut, You’re a liar, You’re selfish’ and ‘You’re not good enough’!!! So in my sensitive state of mind I immediately found myself shouting “Back the fuck up lady!!!!!” Despite the fact that she does offer some words of encouragement and advice form one home girl to another for finding lasting love I still found myself shouting “BACK THE FUCK UP!!!!!!”

Now my ‘Back the fuck up statement’ as you may have already guessed did not come out of thin air. All my adolescent and adult life thus far I have had males left right and centre tell me that I’m a good girl, a descent girl and that deserve better, or that I can do better, or that I’m too good for this Dude or too good for that fool! Well as much as I appreciate the love, cock blocking and concern I recently had to experience those very words coming from the mouth of a guy that thought I was good enough for but it turns out that I was…. I was just apparently too good. Major WTF moment that stung like a bitch.

So here I am Single, and slightly pissed at this article and all the others like them for the simple fact that they put all single and unmarried females into this box of why they are not married and pin the blame on us!!! News Flash: For women of that specific species yes you are right, but not all women are shallow, sluts, liars, not good enough or selfish!!! It is by not having those very characteristics why so many “Good Girls” are single and unmarried!!

I am in no way any of the above!! I am not attracted to a man because of the amount of money he has in his pocket or turned on by what car he owns! In my case I am more than likely to be turned on by the car itself minus the geezer in the drivers’ seat! I care about his character, about his wants and the needs. I am not a liar and I do not pretend to be someone who I am not to please a man! I am who I am and if who I am is not enough for you, then baby... I am just not for you. I’m not a bitch and in no way am I a slut!! Yes I love sex but I do not sleep around with men! Believe me if I could get on, get off and get out to get a quick fix then I would, but I know me and right now that's a no bueno. But If I could have sex with no strings attached that would be the last place that I would expect to find a man wanting to put a ring on it!! That’s just a no brainer.

So going against all the reasons stated of why women are still single and unmarried, why is it that “Good Girls” are still on the shelf?

Note: It is beyond confusing and frustrating when you have moral, common sense, manners, respect for yourself and others, drive and ambition which are all good qualities, but then get told that it is because of those exact qualities that you deserve better!!! If that’s not a slap in the face then I dunno what is!!

If you’re intrigued to find out the details of the article that offended me so much, click on the link below.
Love Sara (A little lady with huge dreams). xxx

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