Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Expose or not to Expose?

In today's news there was a lot of talk about yet another top footballer doing the dirty on his Missus! but the focus of the story seemed to be about this legislation that seems to becoming more and more popular for those that can afford to live the high life. It seems that by by having a certain level of wealth you are able to bribe the courts into keeping your dirty laundry from being splashed all over the tabloid news! Bribe may not have been the word that was used but in black and white bribing is as bribing does!! Us people living the 'Low' life would simply have had our names and National Insurance numbers spread across the Tabloids and Internet faster than you could have said 'it wasn't me' whilst being caught with your frenchies around our ankles or her legs slung over your shoulders for doing some of the shit that these big ballers do!!! But As far as it goes for us being able to appeal to the court with a lump some of cash with the request of 'Please don't let them know it was me. My other half will kill me!' we would simply wouldn't have got past the assistant to the assistant to the assistant of the person who has the authority to do so! In fact you'd be a lucky bugger if you even got through to the receptionist! Let's face it us everyday people just do not have enough zero's rolling off the pages of our bank statements!

So here's my thing! If we have to be revealed for doing Low down dirty shit.... Then why don't they! I'm pretty sure that foul play smells all the same no matter what high life of low life it came from!

When you cheat is getting caught all not part of the risk you take? Why should anyone be able to protect themselves from something that they have done that could've easily been prevented by keeping it in their pants! Further more by now I would've thought that these footballers and celebrities would've sussed out that by living your life in the public eye people are going to want a piece of you in one way or another, whether that's your money, your fame, or your dick!

It's simple if you have no shame about cheating then you should have no shame about being caught! What's the worst that can happen to you big shots? It's very unlikely that your main chick will leave because more than likely she's become accustomed to the lifestyle that you've provided her with and you know this! That's why you do it!

You'd gain a lot more respect if you owned up to doing it and donated that bribery money to charity!!!

Take responsibility for your actions! It's something that shouldn't be hard to do but as I'm discovering, this takes balls which Ironically some of these footballers simply don't have!

What do you think? Do you think that they should be allowed to keep their identity a secret?

Love Sara (A little lady with Sunny dreams). xxx

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