Sunday, 24 April 2011


One day at school our English teacher asked us to write a glossary of 10 things that were important to us in our lives for homework. I remember thinking that this was the most exciting piece of homework that any teacher could have assigned to any pupil!! I'm sure I was on my own with this one but I didn't care, I just remember thinking, 'Finally! Some homework that I actually want to do!' It was a chance for me to be able to express myself and share myself through words!

Everyone who knew me, knew that I loved to talk! Even the teachers! That was ALWAYS my downfall at parents evening, they all said the same thing from my first class to my last. But although I loved to talk, at this point of my life I had no idea how that I loved to write.

So there I was, with a blank canvas and a bunch of ideas going round in my head about how I could create the most amazing glossary of a teenage girls life. But not just any teenage girl, this teenage girl. I thought that my glossary was out of this flippin world all because of this one word... 'Music'. Ask me what the other 9 words were and I couldn't tell you even if I tried, but I've always remembered my 'Music'.

Music is my drug. People take drugs to escape from reality, to deal with anger, hurt, pain and other emotions. Some others take drugs to get high (as a kite), to feel like they are floating above all their troubles. But for me music is my drug that I take when.....
I'm angry I'll listen to something with a bit of aggression, when I'm happy naturally I'll want to dance so I'll put on my high heels and dance my little arse off to something with amazing energy. If I'm sad I'll listen to my heartbreak hotel music, and If I'm feeling inspired or needing inspiration I'll put on some lyrically correct music, if I'm feeling proud I'll reach straight for that conscience shit and if I need to float I listen to this lady......

I'm no expert on music and I'm not the most worldly person when it comes it either. but I know what my music is to me.... It's that legal shit that allows me to be free when I'm trapped by my surroundings. It's also that shit that allowed me to enjoy writing for the first time!


Love Sara (A little Lady with Musical dreams). xxxx

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