Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Well here it is, 2016 has arrived and I hope you all did something memorable to see in the New Year.

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Every year I get a feeling about what type of year it’s going to be. To some extent I believe that you can premeditate this, but to another extent I highly believe that your gut will always tell you what lies ahead, well not detail for detail but enough to know whether you need to gear up for battle or simply enjoy life for what it is (Always strive for the latter … regardless).  

A few years ago I decided to stop making huge New Years resolutions on lists that were as long as my arm because trying to achieve all of those things was just too unrealistic. Instead, what I did was keep it really simple and set a life mantra to do what makes you happy and when it no longer makes you happy… stop and move on’.

So far, this has served me well and has helped keep a lot of things in perspective. This simple mantra also helped me to pay more attention to the things that make me happy and how I can manifest that happiness to grow in a positive way. But it has also helped me to identify the things, people and circumstances that make me unhappy and this in itself has been liberating beyond belief!
The amount of unnecessary bullshit I have been able to cut out, avoid and foresee has been life changing and has saved me tonnes of wasted time, energy and emotion.

Whatever resolutions, goals and target you do or don’t set for 2016, I hope that you all have an amazing 365 and that you are able to let go of any fears, situations and even people that have  held you back or kept you down in the past and that you are ready to receive all the love, happiness and success that you deserve for the year ahead!

Happy New Year lovebugs and thank you so much for supporting For The Love of Moi in 2015.

FYI - My gut tells me that 2016 is going to be a gooden! 

Love Sara. xxx

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