Sunday, 20 December 2015

5 Things I learned In 2015

It’s that time of year yet again where an entire year has passed and it’s time to reflect on all the good, bad and ugly that has happened in the past (almost 365 days)

This year I can say that a lot has felt good but a lot has also felt wrong, or for a better choice of word I should say that a lot has felt unfamiliar.

But despite how unfamiliar or uncomfortable things have felt I pushed through because I knew there was a bigger picture on the other side of it all.

So now that I’m on the other side... well at least I think I am, here are my key takeaways that 2015 has taught me...

1.         Courage
This year I did the bravest thing I think I have done to date, after struggling with anxiety coming to terms with where it was coming from, I woke up one morning and decided that it was time for a change. So I booked a one way flight to my favourite city and started over.

I left my family, my friends a job that I adored and every comfort that I had ever know. I stepped so far outside of my comfort zone that it threw me to the point where I didn’t recognise myself, but despite how hard I found it and at time still find it, I am so happy and proud that I found the courage to move on from what no longer served me or helped me to grow in the way I needed.

2.            Family and Friends
Moving someplace new to start over alone was really tough in the beginning. It wasn’t until a few weeks in that I realised that I was physically Completely alone.

Don’t get me wrong I’m an Aquarius so I’m pretty fine in my own company, but too much of one thing is never good for anybody.

Being here alone and starting over has taught me to value the relationships I have at home with family and friend and also the new relationship I have built since being here. Because despite living a plane ride apart, we still love and support each other just the same. They are still the people I call to share my good news with and they are still the people who help keep me together when I am down.

3.            Letting go of clutter
Literally and metaphorically!

I seriously was a few hand bags away from becoming an official bag lady!

For years I’ve had this idea that I would save all of my absolutely fabulous dresses, bags and shoes for my unborn daughter who would of course be the exact same size as me and would undoubtedly have the same taste.

At some point I had to get real and realise that I was holding on to a bunch of stuff that I had no use for especially, with no kids even in the pipeline!

As I started getting rid of a lot of this clutter, I realised that I needed to do the same with a lot of the mental and emotional baggage that I had been holding on to. There was no sense in keeping what has passed and no longer served me because it was simply taking up space for new possibilities.

4.            Self appreciation
This is something that I am still learning how to do. It sounds pretty simple right? Well when you live in a  world that encourages people to care about the lives of other people more than your own and to constantly try and Keep up with the Kardashians never mind the Jones, you forget how important it is to simply keep up and balanced with yourself.

Learning to say no to people and learning to say yes to yourself as well as to trust your instincts is one of the most important things that you can ever do for yourself, but it’s also one of the hardest.

Saying no to others doesn’t make you selfish and doesn’t mean that you don’t care, it just means that you understand the importance of treating yourself with the love, respect and kindness that we so readily give to others. Afterall, if we can’t do these things for ourselves who are we to expect it from anyone else.

5.            Sacrifice
In comparison to the lives of others, I’ve never really had to sacrifice much, I’ve always have a great family, friends, a roof over my head, food on the table, more clothes and shoes than one person can have and so far have travelled to over 20 countries.

Quitting a job I loved and that allowed me to have multiple holidays a year, not having my family and friends living around the corner from me and having to find the willpower to walk past ZARA on a daily basis and fight the temptation to go inside and buy myself something pretty, are all luxuries that I have had to sacrifice for the past 6 months. Small sacrifices in the grand scheme of things, but big huge sacrifices to a girl who hasn’t had to sacrifice much in life so far.

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Making these sacrifices has taught me to be grateful for the things I do have and to live in the moment, rather than focus on the things I don’t have.

This year has been a true year of lessons some much harder than others but all as valuable as each other.

Overall I have learned to be thankful for what I have as well as what I don’t have; to accept things and people for who and what they are; not to have too many expectations of others and to explore self-love.

I hope you were able to take something away from my 2015 takeaways?

Feel free to share what you’re best 2015 takeaways have been.

Love Sara. xxx  

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