Monday, 26 October 2015

Monday Motivation

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Hey there Lovebugs!

I hope you all had a fab weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.

Question - Does your mind ever run a thousand miles an hour generating idea after idea of the things you want to do, have or be? Well mine does and because of this one of the many things that I have managed learn about myself is that I have a very overactive imagination!

Don’t get me wrong this has its advantages, as it keeps me on my toes, but sometimes I get so caught up in it all and that I accidentally exhaust myself mentally, physically and emotionally.

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, driven, determined and all that good stuff, but it’s important to remember that ‘You can do anything, but not everything’ .

This quote regularly keeps me in check as it’s a reminded of my talents and what I am capable of, but it also encourages me to prioritise by what I want the most and what is realistic, to what I can take on at the time.  

So if you find yourself overwhelmed with amazing ideas or even by the request of others, take a moment stop and remind yourself that you are more capable of anything but that doesn’t mean that you should burn yourself out trying to achieve it all at once.

Take your time with what’s most important to you and have a great week me darlings!

Love Sara. xxx

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