Monday, 19 October 2015

Monday Motivation

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This can happen to the best of us at times. Losing myself is a place that I feel like I visit too often these days, but in my moments of clarity I remember that when I feel like I’ve lost the girl that I used to be, or am unsure of who I am or what I want these days, I remember that it’s ok to have these feelings because I am just shedding the skin of what is no longer needed, taking what I have learned and what I’m still learning, and am evolving into the person I’m supposed to be for the next chapter of my life.

Yes feeling like you are losing yourself on the regular can be, scary, frustrating, lonely and bloody awful, but the key to losing yourself from time to time is making sure that all of those good ass friends and family that love you as much as the air they breathe are by your side physically, emotionally or in my case virtually, to remind you how bloody awesome, talented, beautiful and loved you are in those moments when you don’t know how to remind yourself! And with that... you will never truly lose yourself all the way because these magnificent lovers we call family and friends will never let you!

Have a great week love bugs and remember, it’s normal and fine to lose your shit from time to time... just don’t lose it forever! 

Love Sara. xxx


  1. A wonderful insight, however, how do you propose a person can regain a sens of self without the support of friends and family?

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate hearing back from readers :)

    Yes I do. The support of family and friends is so important, but as much as they help to keep us grounded, it's even more important that we know how to regain a sense of self independently so that we can avoid being dependant on others for our happiness, love and success.

    From my personal experience I think it's about striking the right balance of accepting support but also knowing when to face your issues and fears alone, as no one really knows what you feel or how you want but you.

    At times it can be a hard balance to strike and one that I'm still working on but a necessary one.