Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday Motivation

The other day I read a quote that went something like this… ‘In life you’re always going to end up pissing someone off, so you may as well just do you and piss them off anyway.’

People are not going to like every decision you make, especially the ones that do not include them or hold their best interests at heart. Sometime you have to stop putting others first in order to grow as a person to then be able to help others.

Do not let those who do not understand this prevent you from being you or taking chances on the things in life that you want and need. Someday, they will understand and respect the decisions that you made and if not…. Oh well, because you have to do right by yourself before you are able to do right by others.

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Have a great week and do you, no matter who you might offend during the process.
Love Sara. xxx

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