Monday, 9 December 2013


Unless you have been hiding under a rock for week you will know that the world has lost our probable last true hero, Mr Nelson Mandela.

I wasn’t shocked nor was I sad when heard the news, I felt what I can best describe as a sense of Joy. Not because of his death, but because he was a man who knew and understood his purpose and he did not run nor did he hide from this calling, instead he accepted it and fulfilled his purpose until his dying day.
Mandela lived a long, hard yet extremely blessed and inspiring life. He achieved so much within his lifetime that came with great sacrifice. I cannot mourn the loss of a man of such greatness, I can only celebrate the life he gave us.

Whereas so many people die before their time Mandela lived for 95 years and in those years he inspired not only a country or a whole continent but an entire world. He sacrificed 27 years of his life behind bars to do what was right. He was a man who believed in equality and was a true leader an example of what it means to forgive and to unite. 
I only hope that the life of Mandela will continue to inspire this generation and generations to come, to stand firm for what they believe in and fight for what is right.

Mandela fought an extraordinary fight that will forever remain in history.
May your soul rest peacefully for your work here is done and may your spirit live on in us all and continue to inspire us to through our fight.

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Be inspired.

Love Sara. xx 

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