Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Rum Kitchen

A while ago I read a blog post by The Londoner about this spot in London called The Rum Kitchen’, so naturally it became one of my missions in life to see what this place was all about.

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Recently I've become a bit of a foodie, which means that I can be a bit of a brat and a snob when it comes to where I eat and the service that is provided, but don't be fooled, this doesn’t mean that I don’t love a back street food-shack, these shacks are usually my favorite places to eat, but if I’m going to eat in these places the food has to be past of point orgasmic and the service has to be beyond friendly, I'm talking ‘Cheers’, a place where everybody knows your name kind of friendly. But as much as I love my little budget restaurants and takeaways I also love a bit of posh nosh where I can get dressed up and sip on something kind of fancy in a fancy kind of glass. However there is one style of food and restaurant that I have always had serious issues with and that is Caribbean restaurants and takeaways. So sad, yet so true, I always find a reason to complain whenever I go to one,
a) because the Caribbean food that my dad cooks at home is always better.
b) the service is despicable and on top of that most of the time the dish that you ask for on the menu ….. is rarely available on the day you happen to order it.
c) if the food you order is available you’re in a for a wait and a half!

So when I read about The Rum Kitchen I was surprised by my curiosity because usually as soon as I know it's Caribbean food any hope of me going usually goes straight out the window, but perhaps it was the word ‘Rum’ in the title that tickled my taste buds.

Last weekend I made plans with two of my besties to try out this place called this place they call the ‘Rum Kitchen’ and after a stroll through Portobello Road Market we finally made it where we were greeted by two friendly waitresses. As it was 1pm we were given the Brunch menu. I went for the VegMash option while my besties chose the Grilled Makerel. The Veg mash for me was a great option as I wanted something tasty and filling to hold me for the afternoon, the portion size looked small but it was actually the right amount. My amigas also said that the Makerel was a good option and they would definitely recommend it.

For the Rum we went with the Strange Fruit and the RumiPunch Cocktails which were delish to say the least. If you like a kick to your cocktail and like your rum to be upfront with its intentions I would definitely recommend Strange Fruit, but if you love a silent creeper whose rum intentions are disguised by the sweet tastes of tropical fruits, Rumi Punch is for you.

If you’d rather make a night of it you could start off in The Rum Kitchen with a full meal or snacks and then make you way down to ‘The Rum Cellar’ and dance the night away with cocktail glass in hand and good vibes until 2am.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at The Rum Kitchen, the food was good the service was way above average and on top of that with the sun shining, my besties by my side and reggae playing in the background it was hard for me not to feel like I was having my own little special slice of the Caribbean right here in the UK.    

If you’re in the Notting Hill area and looking for something to do and something good to eat I would absolutely give The Rum Kitchen a go.

Love Sara (A skinny gal who sure loves to eat!). xxxx

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