Tuesday, 21 May 2013

KINatural - New Music

If you read For The Love of Moi regularly you may be familiar with the name Allysa Rochelle. If not then here's the skinny; Allysa Rochelle is one of my best amigas who is insanely talented and for the past year she has been working relentlessly on her music, collaborating and networking with so many different producers to try and capture that perfect sound. However within the last couple months she hooked up with the talented producer Jermaine Soul and discovered that their sound and visions were so aligned that it only made sense for them to combine their talents and visions and become what I believe has the potential to be the hottest new duo on the block of current electro music... Ladies and gents I present to you 'Kinatural'.

If you like what you hear then follow these amazing dudes on their new journey via Twitter @KINatural or on click here to follow them on Youtube and be the first to hear their up an coming EP P.A.I.N which is bloody AMAZING!! (I'm not just saying that to be a loyal frined because believe me if I thought it was shit I wouldn't bestow it upon your ears!)

Enjoy my loves. Xxxx

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