Monday, 1 April 2013

Top Secret Live Music Adventures

On Friday night my friend and I braved the cold weather and headed out for the night on a little adventure. My friend had signed up to Sofar Sounds (Which I had never heard of) and discovered that an event was taking place that night in Birmingham. For those that aren’t familiar with Sofar Sounds, it’s this amazing, fun and exciting movement for real music lovers that takes place in living rooms all over the world. It’s like a top secret operation, you sign up to the mailing list and when a gig pops up that you want to go to you confirm your attendance and then the day before the event you are told the address, but not the names of the performers, as they remain top secret until minutes before their they perform on the night.

This was my first Sofar Sound experience and it was pretty cool, I had no idea what to expect but i thought it was really amazing how music brought so many people together. However as a lady who doesn’t stick to one style of anything I can see how if you are not an open minded person when it comes to music, culture or art this may not be your kind of thing, as you have absolutely no way of knowing who the acts are for the night or what the genre of music will be, so what you get just may not be suited to your musical taste. But if you are open minded, happy to go with the flow and love to hear new music from new or underground artists in very intimate and personal surroundings, I would definitely say to sign up to their mailing list and give it a go.

You’ll meet some really cool people who do some really amazing things, my friend ended up talking to a musician who had spent some of his years touring with TheRolling Stones and I ended up being completely wowed by the hosts of the night Cannon Street, two sisters with beautiful musical talent (who also performed) and their parents who were gracious enough to open their home to a bunch of random music lovers for the night.

I will be traveling later this year in the three different parts of the USA and there is one State in particular in which I am dying to experience some live music, and that is down in Mississippi down in New Orleans! So I will be keeping a close eye on Sofar Sounds gigs because I think this would be the ultimate place to attend a Sofar night. But if Sofar doesn’t happen to have anything in that neck of the woods come July, I’m more than happy to soak up the music it the infamous bars of New Orleans with great company, amazing food and life changing events that will become life long memories. And besides, there are plenty other cities all over the world waiting for music lovers to attend their Sofar Sound nights hosted by some of their most generous citizens.

Love Sara (A little lady who loves live music). xxx



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