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The New Funky Socks on the Block: What America's Next Top Model Annaliese Dayes Did Next!

Model, Designer, Presenter and Entrepreneur are what the gorgeous 26 year old born and raised north Londoner Annaliese Dayes would write next to occupation, which sounds like a lot professions for a Missy of such a young age to have. Well my friends… this lady is just getting started.
You may know this bubbly, animated, pretty little sass pot from America’s Next Top Model – British Invasion that is currently airing in the UK on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Living or you me be familiar with Miss Dayes from her radio Breakfast Morning show which she co- hosts on Bang FM. Either way Annaliese Dayes is a name that if you don’t yet know, you should probably get to know.

For some being invited to LA by Tyra Banks’ team to compete in ANTM as one of the first ever non-American competitors and to also be in the presence of the of Miss Banks herself, as well as the cutthroat no time for Bullshit Fashion Publicist Kelly Cutrone, the BEAUUUUUUTIFUL Nigel Barker who by the way, Annaliese confirmed is actually as beautiful in in real life as he is on TV and to be one of the three finalists on the show would be enough, but for Annaliese
this is just the beginning.

Since coming back from LA-LA Land Annaliese has dipped her toes into the designing world and has launched her very own street style Inspired “Funky Frilly Sock Boutique”, ‘Frills By AD’ and I had absolute the pleasure of meeting Miss Dayes at the Clothes Show Live back in December. But as we both working, or in my case working and shopping our socks off that day (no pun intended) we had little time to discuss her latest venture, so in the new year we managed to catch up and I learnt all about how this "crazy" little lady is ready to change the world of socks as we know it.

FTLOM: What inspired you to produce a sock line rather than say, a range of tops or dresses?
Annaliese Dayes: It wasn’t like I thought, “Right, I want to design something, what should it be?”  It was quite an organic process in the sense that I myself love frilly socks (and my sock drawer will prove that) and I just couldn’t find any that were truly unique. It was just lace, lace and more lace, so I thought I’d fill that gap in the frilly sock market!

FTLOM: Where did your inspiration for the collection designs come from?
AD: Camden Town is full of inspiration, and this is really the home of Frills. So I took inspiration from the street style and culture, as well as textured fabrics.

FTLOM: What sets your product aside from the others similar products out there?
AD: There is nothing like Frills By AD out there.  Trust me, I have searched high and low! It’s the uniqueness of the frills themselves that sets them apart from not just other socks out there but also other frilly socks.

FTLOM: What plans do you have for Frills in 2013?
AD: It’s just about developing the brand for me. Getting the name out there and most importantly working my socks off in the process! Lol

FTLOM: In 5 years’ time where do you hope Frills to be?
AD: I’d like Frills By AD to be an internationally recognised brand, being stocked in department stores and boutiques around the world! With a large variety of collections that are being worn by celebrities of the time.
FTLOM: You’re currently on Americas Next Top Model - British Invasion cycle 18 and in the FINAL THREE!!! How did that come about?
AD: Well, I was on Britain’s Next Top Model back in 2009 and in late 2011 I got a call from producers of ANTM asking if I would be up for making Top Model history and fly over to LA with other previous BNTM contestants, to be the first ever non-American competitors on the show. Now, of course I said yes, because as far as I’m concerned if Tyra Banks’ people ask you to go to LA, you jump on that plane and worry about the details/consequences later! And in terms of making it to the final 3… I think I just wrangled my way in there, tried my best, kept smiling and ta-dah! I was in the final 3!
 FTLOM: What have you taken from the whole experience?
AD: That it always pays off to be yourself no matter what you may think others think of you. And obviously some great experiences that I’ll never forget!

FTLOM: For someone so young you’ve achieved quite a bit:  you are the Founder of Frills By AD, a Radio Presenter and a model, how have you managed to achieve so much at such a young age? 

AD: Thank you very much. I’ve really never looked at it like that! I’m quite ambitious and a tad hard on myself, so to me, I feel like I could have achieved more! Lol I think it’s just a case of knowing who you are, what you want and going for it, without apologising.

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 To keep up with Frills By AD you can Follow Frills on Twitter @FrillsByAD and on Facebook, or to see the full collection you can head over to the Frills By AD website. But they are also stocked at the Laura Moore Boutique on the ASOS Marketplace. And to find out more about what Annaliese has been up to since ANTM British invasion you can follow her on twitter @AnnalieseDayes  and Facebook and visit her website .


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