Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday Motivation

So it’s the second week into 2013 and everywhere I turn everyone I know is on this diet and fitness thing including moi! As humans we tend to start every year this way, we let ourselves go in December and the cold months leading up to the end of the year to over indulge all the little and big treats that are no good for us over the Christmas period and then constantly tell whoever will listen to us that as soon as January 1st come that we will be on a diet and how we plan to lose this much weight by that particular date.
What usually happens is that people start this way and go full steam ahead, buy a bunch of new gym gear and overcrowd the gyms, only by March to have forgotten all about their fitness, weight loss and diet goals and when it comes time for their summer holiday their beach body is just not quite what they had hoped for.

So this Monday I would like to motivate you and myself to stick to a fitness and health regime to get the results that we want, not only for our summer beach bodies but also for a healthier and fitter body for the next 365 day and thereafter.  
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Love Sara

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