Wednesday, 4 April 2012

This is a Warning!

Dear Mosquitoes,
It has been five weeks since our first encounter. In week one It was to be expected, even in week two it was still to be expected, in week three you gave me a well deserved break, but then in week four you and your amigos came back for more and now in week five and might I add mid week five you all have bitten me NINE F@#%!*¥ TIMES!!!!
At first I accepted that I was in your territory, so I tried to accept all living creatures including you evil Mother Suckers! I did not kill any of you nor did I attempt to kill any of you, I just sprayed myself with Jungle Formula repellent, wiped my body with OFF! Repellent wipes and covered my body in Lavender oil as an attempt to keep you away so that no one would get hurt, but it seems that the respect that I had for you and your kind was and is not mutual.
So let this be a warning to each and every one of you little F@#!ers, the next one of you that I see whether you try to bite me or not, I am going to kill!!
My once perfectly sun kissed legs are now covered in marks, never mind the fact that before the scaring kicks in I look like the Hulk gone wrong with bites that can easily be mistaken for extra muscles coming out of my ankles, knees, calves and biceps! And on top of that they itch like hell! So as for the first one of you that bit me then flew off and told all your little friends about the fresh blood in town! You will be sorry!!!!!

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