Friday, 13 April 2012

Lonely Aquarius

Today @Xstrology said “An #Aquarius woman is able to live by herself without any guy in her life. She is a strong person!”

This is something that I am well aware of, because unlike some people I am more than fine in my own company. When I think about it, in the past couple years I have eliminated a good few people from my personal life as I have little time for bitches, bull-shitters and people with funky spirits, which equals more alone time with moi. But although what @Xstrology said I know and have known to be true about my sign, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t scare the shit out of me.
Although I consider myself to be a young confident and dare I say independent mamacita, I’m also a female that is a huge believer in love and romance. But unlike some of these independent women out there I believe that as women we need men and that men need women to create a balance that some of us are too scared to admit is missing in our lives.
Yeah, don’t get me wrong, anything that I’ve wanted or needed thus far in life I have got myself or my amazing family have helped or given to me, and the only man that has given me anything or done anything worthwhile for me goes by the name of Dad. I was raised to be confident and get what I want out of life and experience has taught me to not depend on others for things that I really want. But this doesn’t mean that I want to be the old chick in the club working it out on the dance floor Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ or Destiny’s Child’s ‘Independent Woman’ (Lord knows I hate the latter song as it is). One day I would like to be happily married to a sexy man preferably him …

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... But if not, then God, I have faith in you but I’m not afraid to say that I won’t be pissed if you skank me in the sex appeal department and trust that whoever you send to me will be wonderful, because as they say love is Blind. But seriously, please be kind.
I want to have babies, I’m thinking four but after the first bambino my V-Jay-Jay may be telling the number four to F@#! right off. I would also like to have one of those sickeningly beautiful houses filled with photos of all those precious family moments on beaches all over the world of course, and my fridge door will be covered in those painting and drawings by my kids that are complete crap to everyone else but to Mommy and Daddy are complete genius. Yes, this is the type of UN-LONELYNESS that I want all the way up to grandbabies and great grandbabies if the powers that be want to bless me like that. So as for @Xstrology what you said today about my sign isn’t wrong, in fact it’s very right (you're seldomly wrong). The Aquarius woman is very strong indeed, but a life time of batteries just ain’t for me sugar, so I think it may be time to become a serial dater to get that happily ever after ball rolling.

Love Sara (A little Aquarius lady who wants that quirky, romantic, make you jealous kind of love!) xxx

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