Thursday, 10 September 2009

15 minutes of a Monday

Boa tarde!!!

I hope all you sexy people are enjoying our late summer while I'm stuck inside with a cold!!

Before I got struck down by this bastard cold me and the me Julies took our curious arses down to the Living Room on Monday night for the 15minute Club.

FYI: The 15 minute Club is a night that takes place every week for up and coming artists to perform. Each artist has a 15 minute slot to get up on stage ans show us what they're about.

Although there were a good few artist there, I only went to see one in particular named Willoe.

I First heard this Birmingham las on Mistajams BBC 1Xtra show a couple weeks back. Every week the bubbly DJ plays a track from an artist who is up and coming and graftin' hard online to get themselves out there.
The track that he played from Willoe that got me hooked was 'Consciousness'. The only way that can describe this song is 'Beautiful'. Her voice against the floating chords of the guitar mixed together with some genius lyrical content (for me), felt as though I was floating on air, and whenever I feel that way when I'm listening to music, I know that it's some good ish, because lets face it, there's a whole lot of music out there, but there's not a lot of it can make you high without taking illegal substances before hand!! (Music is my legal drug baby!!)

The Blond SongBird sang at least five tracks which were all amazing including a soul felt cover of Nina Simone's 'House of the Rising Sun' which blew everyone away, other tracks that she sang on the night we're 'Switching lanes' one of my favorites, 'Consciousness' and 'Dangerous' which is about breaking hearts, but what I like most about 'Dangerous' is that instead of being that female banging on about how he'll break her heart, she turned it around and announced that she'll break his heart.
Not all girls are meant to be left broken hearted.

If you're open minded when it comes to music and appreciate a bit of acoustic-ness, then I highly recommend that you look out for this little las because I think she may be the next big thing in a Katie Melua kind'ov way, and by that I mean in terms of success, because musically I apologise if I offend you, but Katie Melua is not the one!

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Love Sara (A little lady with big fancy dreams). xxx

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