Friday, 24 July 2009

My first official blog

Hi Guys

I'm going to sound soooo geeky right now (but Nerds and Geeks can be kinda sexy, so what the hey!!!)
I'm so excited as this is my first official blog!!!!! (I've lost my blog-ginity!!!!!!)

I'm a bit late with jumping on this band wagon as it's something that I should have done along time ago to help jump start my undefined career. However I'm here now, and as they say 'It's better late than Never'!!

Anyway I'm going to keep this short and sweet as this is just a short introduction to the life, and the analytical , creative and imaginative mind of the fabulous moi!!!!

Each blog that I write will be a small, medium or a large part of me!!! As I have a Thousand and One things running through my mind at all times, ranging from love, hate, lust, respect, fashion (A girl's gotta love fashion), inspirations, politics, race, age, gender, family, kiddie winks, music, dance, sex, food, travel, and so much more!!!!!
What can I say I've always been an opinionated little sod with a lot to say!!!!

I Hope you enjoy what is to come???? And please feel free to share your thoughts!!

love Sara (A little lady with big fancy dreams).xxxxxxx

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