Monday, 16 November 2015

Monday Motivation

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Answer: Every-bloody-thing!

For some people failure simply isn’t an option and while I think it’s important to succeed in whatever we do, a lot of success doesn’t come without a lot of failure.

Failing, or not getting things right first time round is how we learn. It’s also what makes success and victory taste even sweeter.

I once read a quote (because we all know how much I love a good quote) that said;

“If success was always instant and easy, Everyone would be successful, and there would be no pride in achievement. ” – Patrick McCormick

This is so true, because things that are worth a lot don’t come easy. Think about you most important relationships in life, they are what they are because of the work that goes into them and the mistakes that all parties involved have made along the way, that important lessons we learned from; Think about when you were at school, college, uni or even work, at some point there would’ve been an essay, test, assignment or project that you may have not performed the way you wanted to, but think about what you learned from that helped you succeed next time round and the time after that.

Life is too short to try and avoid making mistakes or failing. I say we all let go and face the facts that we can’t always get it right and by doing just that... one day we will realise that we got everything right, even the mistakes and those bloody failures too, because everything will always turn out exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

Have a great week love bugs.

Love Sara. xxx

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