Sunday, 17 November 2013

Travel Is My First Love

This is the first year in a while that I haven’t made plans for long term travel and if I’m honest I think that my nearest and dearest are quite shocked that I haven’t yet packed my bags and headed off to some new and exciting hot country to contemplate life on a beach.

Last year when I returned home for living in the Caribbean I told myself that moving away or travelling long term simply would not be an option for the next two years as it was time that I worked on building a career.
So here I am, over a year later and to everyone’s surprise still happily living in UK which means that I can proudly say that I’ve proven everyone wrong who thought I wouldn’t last… besides I said that I couldn’t leave the country long term, I didn’t say anything about not leaving the country at all!

If someone told me tomorrow that I would never be able to travel again I think the paramedics would have to come and scrape me off the floor! Travelling is in my blood and literally makes my spirit come alive and has been a huge part of the person I am today!
This year I have had some amazing adventures which have taught me a lot about myself, others and the world. But now that my last international adventure of the year is over and I don’t have anything else lined up (for now) I have to get my fix online.

I came across an amazing site called Travel Noire, and let me tell you that this site is my newest and bestest friend! “Travel Noire is a blogging platform featuring cultivated insights from a global community of black travellers”.
Image sourced from Travel Noire
Some of you may be saying “what’s the big deal?” But this is a huge deal? This website is an amazing breath of fresh air because people often act like black people don’t travel or that we don’t know how to travel or we only visit the countries and Islands that we’re from. These MIS-perceptions work my nerves like something you would never believe. And let me tell you why… black people are travellers, have always been travellers and always will be travellers. The first time that we set sail as a people were not on slave ships and it’s past time people stopped acting like it was. How the hell else do you think that the Moors and various tribes ended up all over the world?
Travel Noire is everything and more to a young black female like moi, because is challenges the misperceptions and misrepresentations out there.

There have been times and will be plenty more times when I have been travelling and have been the only black face for miles, but this has never stopped me from going anywhere that my heart has desired and this site is a testament of those who feel the same.
Image sourced from Travel Noire courtesy of Street Etiquette
Travel Noire provides and fresh and cultured platform for the black community who love to travel, learn and explore, despite all that society has to say. This site literally has me hooked and of course planning my next holiday from all their amazing tips and information.
I would highly recommend you check out Travel Noire to get inspired and get travelling! There are some truly amazing reads on there that I can relate to all too well as well as some amazing reads that inspire the life out of me.
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Love Sara. (A little lady who just loves, loves, loves to travel). xxx

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