Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Arima Ederra - Lusty Love

For the past couple of years I feel like great music has been missing in action. But since last summer things have started to pick up a little and music and I have rekindled our flame. As a result I now spent a lot of time online searching a listening to new and great music that I have stumbled across by chance or that more than likely have been recommended to me by my homegirl who is my go to person for music as her recommendations never disappoint.

So the latest recommendation has been on repeat and then on repeat again because she is soooooo good. Arima Ederra is her name and if you don’t know about her already then you seriously need to get to know.

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This girl is BAD ASS! If you like Solange and Jhene Aiko then there is no way that you won’t like Arima, check out her video below for her track ‘Flow Chart’.

If you like what you hear then it just got better! If you click here you can download her top quality 10 track album ‘Earth to Arima’ …. For free!! Or you can check her out on SoundCloud or keep up with this talented missy on twitter @ArimaEderra.

Enjoy Lovebugs. xxxx


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