Sunday, 20 January 2013

Style on Sundays: Purple Hat Vintage

For the past couple of years Vintage fashion has been on the up and up, so much so that if it’s vintage that you want it’s vintage that you’ll get without the hassle of rummaging through heaps and heaps of clothes, accessories and even home ware in your local charity shops, flea markets or your mom and nana’s wardrobe. Now you can head straight to your high street and pop into the likes of Topshop and Urban Outfitters and purchase your non authentic vintage ‘style’ ensemble for a not so much vintage price.

Some authentic vintage items can be high in price while others can be absolute sweet finds that cost you peanuts, but look like they cost a bomb.  So with Vintage fashion growing in popularity over the past few years, it’s only natural that like everything else these days that once would have cost you £3, will probably now cost you almost £30, even in some of these real vintage shops that shall remain nameless.
Before Christmas my sister kept telling me about this Pop up Vintage store that had opened in Birmingham City Centre on New Street. She told me that it was this cool Vintage clothing shop that stock hand-picked items from Europe and the USA and that you can fill a sack bag with items and pay per bag. But busy body lazy me dragged my feet with getting there to check it out, so the other day my amiga and I were nearby so we decided to pop in and this is what we found…

If you go in you’ll actually find a guy in a purple hat manning the shop too. On the day that we went in, there wasn’t a great deal of selection but still, what was there was my kind of price. The Levi Denim shorts were only 10 quid!! Most vintages shops that I have been in have them priced between £25 to £30 so they were a bargem (bargain gem), and leather and fur jackets for a tenner! In fact everything in the store is £10 or below! 
The day that we took a looksee, only the down stairs was open but the dude in the purple hat (his name’s Gary) told us about some exciting new plans for the shop which at this point I’m not sure if I can or should share, because I would hate for someone else to come up off of his brilliance, but if you like music and cafe culture I’d definitely pop in sometime on the early side of 2013 and get involved in the vintage-ness.
So if you’re looking for something vintage and don’t want to pay silly prices for it, I would definitely recommend popping  in to the Purple Hat Vintage Pop Up Bazaar to see what goodies you can find.
They are situated on New Street, Birmingham next to Café Rouge near the Floozie in the Jacuzzi aka TheRiver, you can also check them out online and Like the Purple Hat Vintage page by clicking here me dears.

Love Sara (A little lady who loves her some Vintage Bargains). xxx

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