Sunday, 30 December 2012

Style on Sundays: Styling it D.I.Y

It should come as no secret that I love style and fashion which means that my credit card is constantly being abused.

At the end of every year I go through my paper work aka receipts and bank statements and have this horrific reality shock of how much money I’ve spent throughout the year which is always a lot more than I had literally bargained for and become ashamed and annoyed at the fact that the majority of the hard earned money I have spent was thrown away on clothes that to be perfectly honest I really didn’t need.
So last year as an attempt to keep costs down and to also release my creative streak I decide that I had to try and find a way to stop abusing my bank cards but still be able to fulfil my style wants and needs, so I signed up for a sewing class.
The shame in all of this is that I actually learnt how to use a sewing machine in school but decided after one or two attempts that I was a crap at using it so gave up all hope and besides I thought to myself why do I need to learn how to make clothes when I can just buy them. So some ten odd years later when I learnt about the value of money and also the recession, there I was with my sewing basket rushing to night school after a hard day’s work to re-learn how to wind the bobbin up.
Most people in the class were working from patterns which is a great skill to have, but I am just way too impatient for all of that jazz. I wanted to be able to look at an item and say “Yep I can make that”. So going against what my dress making teacher advised I did just that, but of course I had to start off with a bit of guidance so I took my quest to the World Wide Web and found a skirt that was simple, easy and stylish.
If you are a regular follower of For the Love of Moi you may be familiar with a blog called A pair & A Spare this is my favourite blog for DIY tips guides and inspiration and this is where I found the ‘How to’ for this beautiful Sheer Maxi skirt.
Image sourced from A Pair & A Spare

What people were paying 30 odd quid for on the high street cost me a fiver to make and it was soooo easy to do.

As New Year ’s Eve is tomorrow which usually means that people are rushing around town to find a last minute outfit to wear to see the New Year in with style, A Pair & A Spare’s Geneva posted a DIY ‘how to’ for this amazing Sequin Maxi Wrap Skirt

Image sourced from A Pair & A Spare 

I love the way Geneva has teamed this lush glam skirt up with a simple white cut off top, it dresses it down a little but gives the outfit a fresh and yet still elegantly modern edge.
I am not doing anything fancy this New Year’s Eve but if I was I would deffo be making this skirt.
As for my sewing and DIY skills for 2013, I aim and I quote ‘aim’ to buy my own little sewing machine and make and modify more clothes to save my self some serious money and to add a bit of individuality to my wardrobe.

Love Sara (A little lady full of optimism). xxx

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