Friday, 16 November 2012

1Xtra Live Birmingham

Last night my home gurl and I joined over 2000 people in a ridiculously long ass queue on a seriously cold ass night for the Birmingham leg of the 1Xtra Live  tour 2012.
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After being stuck in abnormal traffic, breaking red lights and taking every back route in Birmingham city centre we finally managed to get to the The Ballroom Birmingham for the show in one piece only to have been told to stand in the wrong queue and then re-queue for another half hour or more to collect our bloody tickets! But who was counting time one such a cold and bitter winter night?
Once we got inside the venue we headed straight for the stage front area and as a 5”1 person I would like to suggest that we small people get a movement going that forbids tall suckers from standing anywhere near the front of even the middle of a crowd at a concert, because what happens is when you’re my size or even smaller you spend most of the night being able to see jack shit!
The crowd was a great mix of people and I have to say that it was refreshing to go out to such a huge event in my home town and not see a soul that I know! There is just something that I love about meeting new people. But don’t get me wrong there were a good few moody bitches that clearly did not understand the ‘You Move You Lose’ gig rule. If you choose to leave your spot for whatever reason, please do not return to that spot with a pissy attitude because it is no longer vacant! And also if you can’t stand people bumping into you at gigs because they are dancing and having a great time… know that you’re boring arse can always stay at home.
The show was hosted by 1Xtras’very own Twin B and Mista Jam and was broadcast to a live national and international audience. In between acts DJ’s got the crowd going although I do have to say that the sound was very poor as we could all hear each other’s conversations which is never a good sign, like my friend said “I need to feel the base through my body and my ribs man!” I’ve gotta love a base line junkie, because a good bit of base can make everything better.

 Miguel opened the show which a great and energetic performance performing only a few songs but really won the crowd over or should I say the ladies with his hits ‘All I want Is You’ and my favourite track of the moment ‘Adorn’. I would’ve liked to have seen more of Miguel but it was a nice little taster of what his own live show would be like.

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Second onstage were the cute little Disclosure brothers and I am ashamed to say that this is first time I had heard of these boys and I was pissed at myself for not know who they were beforehand.

They absolutely killed their set and I loved every bit of it, the fact that the section of the crowd that my friend and I were stood in were really bubblin’ off their vibe made the boys performance all the more enjoyable. Their vibe was so sweet that some dude in a snapback fully vibed his whole way through the crowd, from front to back and side to side getting down with whoever dared to join him on his skanking mission.  Legend!

But the highlight of their performance had to have been their last track ‘Latch’ featuring Sam Smith! Amazing… I could’ve raved to these boys all night long.
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And finally after a little bit of Bashment and an appearance from DJ Trevor Nelson it was time for the last artist of the night and the star of the show Miss Alicia Keys to wow the crowd.
Now I have to say that I do love Aliciakeys but I have always believed that although the lady can sing, and she really can, I don’t feel that her voice is ridiculously spectacular… Don’t shoot me I’m just being honest, after all this is my blog and I make it my mission to always be honest despite who I might offend.
But even though I do not think that vocally she is the greatest I have always been drawn to A Keys because she has such an amazing energy.
If you have not seen this lady live I would highly recommend it, her energy is amazingly humble, she greeted and interacted with the crowd like a true lady and worked the stage which such confidence and grace.
Singing hits from her first album ‘Songsin Minor’ which was really the album that really opened doors for Alicia Keys as an Artist, Musician and a Songwriter and it had been a while since I had heard ‘Fallin’ but it sounded as good as it did when I first heard it as a school girl in my bottle green uniform.
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There were so many songs that Miss Keys sang that had me smiling as they brought back good memories and great feelings, but there were also other songs that she performed that I didn’t really care for such as her new track ‘Girl On Fire’. I feel really bad for not liking this song, but I just cannot do it because I know that A Keys can do better. Don’t get me wrong, I get the message and I love the message, but I just don’t like the song.
The highlight of her performance for me, had to have been without a doubt the last song of the night ‘If I Ain’t Go You’. This song does something me like I have never experienced before! To say I love this song has to be an understatement… It brought tears to my eyes for mascaras sake! For me, the show could not have ended in a more perfect way.
So, ‘after the show there’s the after party…’ and me and my menina rocked on over to the Rainbow to find a really fun and cool crowd ready to party and mingle. DJTargets’ set was on point and had me raving well good, after that it was a bit hit and miss, but I’m sure that the night picked back up after that as we didn’t stay too long. But the organisers of the event or should I say the cool 1xtra Family really did put on a great event, at the after Party there was not attitude no rudeness but just a really nice vibe for people that really like a bit of Base in their lives.
Over all it was a great night and for free… Lord knows you can’t get much better than that these days.
Well done 1Xtra! And cheers for great night.

Love Sara (A little lady who loves 1Xtra). xxxx

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