Sunday, 8 January 2012

Should the NHS really pay for the PIP Implant Removal?

The other morning whilst trying to drag my lazy behind out of bed and then once again whilst dressing my lazy behind for work, I had on the TV as background noise acting as a stay awake mechanism, and twice in one morning on the same breakfast show there were at least three different women telling their stories about the problems and concerns they’ve had relating to this French Breast Implant saga.

A few weeks back there was breaking news that Breast Implants manufactured by the French company Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP) could be linked to a rare type of cancer called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL). With this announcement the French authorities recommended that women with these implants should have them removed at the states expense. So with that announcement hitting the headlines the ladies across the channel began to panic and make a stand for the same entitlement as the French, but at the time the UK had not recommended removal of the implants, at least not at their expense.

As a British citizen, if I had these implants I cannot pretend that I wouldn’t be pissed at the government’s attitude towards an issue that could potentially be life threatening. However on the flipside I have to be real about the situation, despite the fact that these particular implants are believed to be filled with an unapproved non-medical grade silicone made from mattresses and there have been reports that say the protective barriers are faulty, whether this was known or clearly unknown at the time of their decision, these ladies have to accept that fact and the responsibility that they made the conscious choice to have something unnatural put into their bodies for cosmetic reasons and not because it was what the doctor ordered for better health.

There have been thousands of women all around the world that have had silicon and fat inserted and injected into various parts of their bodies for a fuller and more voluptuous figures that evidently were not what God or their mama’s gave them, and they have never experienced these issues, perhaps their silicone and fat suppliers were just a lot more legit? But either way those ladies the same as the ladies that were battling for the NHS to pay to take out their hazardous implants surely must have been given a list of risks? Surely this current risk was not one of them but can they honestly say that never in their wildest dreams did they think that inserting silicone, plastic or any other manmade product INTO their body would not one day have these sorts of complications? Be Real!! It’s not that I don’t get the anger, worry and frustration of these women who have had these implants under debateable false pretences have, but they went out of their way to pay for surgery for vanity then surely they should’ve been prepared to do the same for their health especially if it was for their own PERSONAL reasons why they went under the knife in the first place!

However with that being said I was not completely against the NHS removing these implants as I think that in the long run it may be a lot more cost effective than treating women for a cancer that could have been avoided, but I also believe that the company that produced the PIP breast implants should be at the forefront of this and that the women who put their trust into their product should’ve been knocking on their door demanding they cover the removal cost bankrupt or not!

After causing a fuss over through the media the NHS have made the decision to take out any of the PIP implants to patients who had them through the NHS (I had no idea that this service was even available through the NHS! And there was me thinking that our money was just about spent on health issues that mattered?!). Although these women who were somehow fortunate enough to have them through the NHS may be able to breathe a sigh of relief, the women who opted for the procedure to be done privately have not yet won their battle, but rest assure tax payers without PIP implants, the NHS is working on those private sector to ensure that they foot the bill!

I only hope that this is a lesson to women and men for the future! We all have hang ups about our bodies but is it really worth going through something like this all in the name of vanity? But if it is then please accept the fact that you are partially responsible for the outcome whether it be a good, bad or fatal one.

Love Sara (A little Lady with an opinionated mind) .xxxx

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