Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Can't find a love like ours!!

Only Six months into the year and I think I've heard all I can hear about men...from everything to the quality, quantity, height, backs, arms, legs, eyes,mind, willy size...The whole sha-bang and then some!! So its only natural that I got to the point when those conversations occured that I let my mind wonder to a differnt place where the centre of my universe did not consist of the perfect man that ladies... does not exist! Beacuse lets face the facts, whatever image and package you have CREATED in your mind is too ofen NOT what you get in REALITY.
Where would the fun be in that?

Seriously, it makes a whole lot more sense if you just stay open to the unexpected and be appreciative for all the experiences that come your way, and I mean ALL! From the good, the bad and yes even the ugly! The ugly (might I add) are usually the ones who do it best anyhow!

It's not to say that one day I wouldn't like and man with the complexion on Tyrese, the consience mind of Common, the style of Kudi, the creativity of Cee-Lo, the personality of Big, the comedic streak of Damon Wayans and the body of D'Angelo, pre- breakdown ladies pre.

But the fact is this man dose not exist!! It would be amazing if he did but he doesn't and I have accepetd this... and girlies, you need to do the same.

But when this so called special person does come along it will be so much more than amazing! But until that day what sense does it make to sit around and add more characteristics to this fictional After Eight chocolate man?

So while all these conversations were being had and my mind began to wonder, it alawys seemed to wonder to a different place around the world, and in these wondering moments I always seemed to be sooooo free, energized and happy.

So now here I am In Lisbon Portugal having the time of my life with the new love of my life!

I have already been here for 3 and a half weeks and only have more or less than 6 weeks left! but yet there is still so much more that we need to experience.

We have already had so much fun together! We've been to the beach, road the trams, ate amazing traditional food that only he can perfect....We've been to beach parties, shared my first amazing Santo Antonio festival, vistited amazingly beautiful castles and palaces and watched the sun set at amazing Miradours. Yesterday he took me to watch the Brazil match on an outdoor screen which is definatly my kind of romance scoring huge points with me! Tomorrow he's taking me to a spoken world festival, and next month there will be an outdoor cinema (Like the ones in the movies!) so he has promised to take me there a couple of times!

Like I said, I'm having the time of my life and I couldn't ask for a more perfect first love!

When I'm with him I'm exposed to so much beauty and diverse vibrant culture it's too much to take in, but his unique calm city boy pace works wiv ya kid! Even when I don't understand a word he is saying to me.
And even when its rainy and windy and my spirits are low he still make me smile!

There are only two problems with this relationship.....

1. On the 24th I will have to return to the UK (Unless I can change my flight) major tears in the airport!!

And the biggest problem.....

2. How, and again I ask How do you have sex with the love of your life when the love of your life is the CIDADE DE LISBOA!!!!!!

But then again Lisbon and I have an understanding.... He only wants for me to be happy and I only want to love him more.....So he has decided that AS LONG as it is within his city... I can have whatever hot Portguese guy I like (But only for the physical). Like I said he, AKA Lisbon only wants for me to be happy!!

Message for the ladies

There is an amazingly beautiful world waiting to be discovered by you more than there is a so called perfect man waiting to be found by you!!!
STOP banging on about love and the man of ur dreams and get on with life!
When the time is right you'll find him, and he'll find you!

Until then amigas, its simple.... date a city like moi!! It's way too much fun and there are too many places for just little ol' me to love alone!! So on this occasion I am willing to share as an attempt to empower desperate women out there to live and love the world and themselves a little more before they find their ultimate King to cater to!!

But just so you know..... Lisbon is already taken and MY man does not cheat!!

Love a little lady with big fancy dreams. xxxxx


  1. a really really great read ...and lisboa is a city that many could fall in love with so im with you on that ...


  2. omg i really didnt know my number 1 friend was such a GREAT writer i am ashamed to say ur my best friend and i didnt even know this.
    I love it and u are so right this is so true Shim xxxx